Not everyone fancies the idea of teaching English abroad. Some of us are made for remote works. So, when it comes to impacting in others our English proficiency skills, we love to think we can do it from our homes.

If this describes you, then I’m glad to inform you that there are numerous opportunities to teach ESL online from home.

You know what makes this opportunity even more exciting?

You will still earn the same amount as people who travel abroad to teach English as a foreign or second language.

Benefits of teaching ESL online from home

You don’t have to leave your country: one of the downsides of the TEFL/ESL profession is the idea of traveling abroad. Although some people enjoy this experience, others dread it. 

More flexibility: I don’t think I need to tell you how flexible remote works are in comparison with their traditional workplace environment counterparts.

More time for yourself: When you teach ESL from home, you have the opportunity to do other things. You can manage your schedule better and even take up other jobs that will fetch you more money.

Saves you from early morning commuting: No more waking by 5 a.m., rushing to the bathroom, getting ready for work, and running up and down the roads to catch buses. You’re literally making your money from your home.

Note: Before you can teach English as a foreign language online, you must take some TEFL courses online.

Now to the business of the day: companies that let you teach ESL online from home.


DaDa is one of the best English tutoring platforms on the planet.

With DaDa, it doesn't matter whether you're a native English speaker or not; as long as you speak fluent English, boast TEFL certification, and can teach kids in the ranges of kindergarten to grade 9, you're good to go.

Also, DaDa pays one of the best salaries in the industry, offering teachers between $15 and 25 USD per hour of lesson.


Skooli is an online tutoring platform designed for those teachers who have other jobs but who're looking for other teaching engagements to spend their free time on.

Skooli connects you with interested English language learners from across the globe and pays you based on several factors such as:

- Your teaching experience
- Other qualifications
- English proficiency level

With Skooli, you'll basically be teaching students across various levels, including middle school, high school, and university level.


Qkids offers teachers (only Canadians and American applicants) up to $20/hour, provided you can commit to a minimum of six hours of teaching per week.

Once you’re hired, Qkid will notify you of your schedule for the week on a Sunday evening and will assign kids to you, ranging from kindergarten to grade 6.

The only requirement to be accepted as a Qkid teacher is that you must have completed a bachelor's degree and hold a TEFL teaching license.

Note: you can get the latter by taking a TEFL online course from a reputable provider like Premier TEFL. 


VIPKID is a platform for English teachers interested in teaching kids (the name says it all)!

You’ll be dealing with kids (many of whom are mostly Chinese) from the Kindergarten level to grade 9.

Teachers earn between $14 - 22 USD an hour (teachers are given a base salary of $7 - 9 per 25-minute lesson), but your base salary depends on your performance in the interview and demo lesson.

In addition, VIPKID also gives you a $1 bonus for every class you arrive on time for and a $1/per class bonus if you teach more than 45 lessons in one month.

The only downside with VIPKID is that it's only available to applicants from the US and Canada.


If you like teaching adults, this is the platform for you. 

Note: you can also teach kids here, too.

iTutorGroup pays teachers between $18 - $24 per hour, along with several bonuses based upon the number of students in their class and the ratings awarded by students in their online classroom feedback.

Also, teachers must teach at least 10 peak hours per week (within the 10 hours, at least four hours need to be during the weekend).