Irish venture capital firm publish guide to Boston startup scene for Irish entrepreneurs 

Exciting news for Irish tech companies and those interested in tech in the Boston area - Frontline Ventures, an Irish-run venture capital firm, have just launched their guide to Irish tech startups looking to set up shop in the Boston area. Frontline VC is a Dublin-based venture capital firm who specialize in early stage capital investment in Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as across Europe.

The guide to Boston follows the very successful publication of the New York tech startup guide for Irish companies in March of this year. The Boston guide highlights the long and storied history between Ireland and Boston, noting that over 20% of Bostonians identify as Irish or Irish-American. The guide goes on to list Irish companies operating in Boston and vice versa, as well as listing key figures about Boston important to startups. The guide gives a comprehensive, succinct overview of how to set up shop in Boston, who to know, where to live and how best to maximize your opportunities in the city.

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