Irish Central Meal Plan 1 

I thought I would celebrate my first meal plan for Irish Central with as many Irish inspired dishes as I could find. Who says it is impossible to eat a healthy, balanced diet and think of Ireland?

Monday - Shepherds Pie with Cabbage and Grated Carrot

A typical Irish meal starts off with meat, and with lamb being one of the favourites, I’m starting my meal plan with it. Minced lamb is always delicious and made into this family comfort pie, is a warm welcome to the week! Prepare it in advance to save time.  

Tuesday - Vegetable Broth

After a good feed on Monday, a lighter option is right for Tuesday. Vegetable broth served with a hunk of cheese and homemade bread continues to be served in many a home in Ireland throughout the year. Local vegetables make up the broth with a handful of lentils or pearl barley to add a bit of bite.   

Wednesday - Pan Fried Sausages served with Mustard Mash and Steamed Green Beans

Ireland has some of the best butchers in the world and they know a thing or two about sausages. Most of the beef and pigs are grass fed and butcher sausages contain up to 80% meat. I’m getting the Guinness and beef sausages for today’s meal. Sometimes it’s worth the splurge at a specialty Irish butcher, but if they’re not available, any flavoured sausages will do. 

Thursday - Chowder (Mixed Fish)

Surrounded by water, it is no wonder fish is used to make some really delicious meals in Ireland. Although chowder doesn’t originate from Ireland it has been adopted by the Irish and features in pub menus and in homes all over this isle. Serve with yummy and truly Irish soda bread.

Friday - Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Crepe with Steamed Broccoli

I know crepes aren’t really an Irish dish but eating pancakes in Ireland on Shrove Tuesday is a long standing tradition. Okay it’s Friday - it was a bit of a push to get a proper Irish dish into the plan. The benefits are if you make a little extra and get your hands on some Cadbury’s buttons, you could make yourself your Friday night treat (in moderation my friends!) 

Shopping List

100 mls Sparkling Water

Dairy Products
50 g Cream Cheese
250 mls Natural Yoghurt

Fish Products
400 g Mixed Fish

Lamb Products
450 g Lamb Mince

70 g Red Lentils
1 can White beans

Poultry Products
3 Chicken fillets

Pork Products

4 slices Ham
100 g Bacon lardons
12 Sausages

1 Broccoli
1 small Cabbage
1 large pack Carrots
1 pack (300g) Green Beans
2 Leeks
1 pack Mushrooms
2 Parsnips
3Kg Bag of Potatoes

Store Cupboard
100 g Self Raising Flour
25 g Plain flour
100 g Frozen Green Peas
1 tsp Herbs
1 Lamb stock cube
1 tblsp Mustard
3 tblsp Olive oil
4 Onions
4 tsp Parsley
1 tblsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 Vegetable stock cubes
1 Beef stock cube
1 Fish stock cube