Separating trash and recycling is part of all our lives. But what do you do with all that smelly food waste, that well, just stinks, not to mention attracting all manner of vermin.

In Ireland, the Government plan to insist that all 1.2 million households in Ireland will have to separate their food waste from all other trash by the end of 2016.

Two Irish women, Kate Cronin and Elizabeth Fingleton have developed a solution to these bad odors and smells emanating from those food trash cans. They have just launched Obeo,

to produce and sell their compostable food waste box product. Customers have the Obeo box on their kitchen counter – it fills up within two to three days.. Unlike regular trash bags, the Obeo box is water-resistant and doesn’t leak when emptying. It is also compostable so breaks down along with the food waste.

This is their vision:

The bag/box will be stocked in the Irish version of Target, Dunnes Stores ($5 approximately for a pack of five). The founders worked on developing the Obeo box for 18 months with the support of Enterprise Ireland (the Irish government agency that supports startups), renowned Irish art college, NCAD and leading university accelerator programme, NovaUCD.

Elizabeth Fingleton, one of the co-founders believes that the 12 million UK households will also be interested in the Obeo box. According to The Journal.ieshe said,

“We plan to expand into the UK by the end of the year and we are currently in talks with a UK-based multiple,”