The new networking group, New York Digital Irish, have chosen three new Irish startups, including BusyMoos, Trustev and Marino Software, to pitch alongside US startups at their upcoming event.

The group, headed up by Feargall Kenny, aims to provide a forum for Irish expats and Irish Americans in the digital media arena. Kenny, who also runs the New York-based executive search firm Glenborn, has hosted two previous meet-ups this year.

His goal through the New York Digital Irish network is to create a digital mission to New York for Irish firms. The end goal would be to bring 20 Irish companies to New York for a three-day affair.

He also aims to create a “virtual advisory board,” a guide for Irish firms entering the US marketplace.

He told SiliconRepublic the network’s aim is “to build a bridge between those folks and the digital community back in Ireland”.

"With the two events that we have held so far the idea is to have two firms from Ireland and two firms that are run by Irish expats or Irish-Americans here in the States,” said Kenny.

Next Wednesday each of the startups will do a fast pitch to the audience about their companies, what their plans are - which may be that they’re looking for employees, partners or investment.

The Irish startups that will present are BusyMoos, a booking engine for beauty treatments, Trustev, the new Cork-headquartered company that specialises in social fingerprinting technology to prevent e-commerce fraud, and Marino Software, a designer of apps for children.

The two US startups will be BestBuzz, a mobile marketing and loyalty platform and BlueLink Marketing, a new approach to search engine marketing.

Elaine McGarry, the founder of BusyMoos, will pitch at the next New York event. BusyMoos is a booking engine for services in the health and beauty sector. It is now running booking trials in Dublin.

The company has recently taken on a developer who is based in New York and McGarry says BusyMoos is now planning to target the US marketplace.

She told SiliconRepublic “There are 25m appointments made in the beauty sector every day in the States so there is a larger market for us.

"We're hoping to make connections in New York who will help us roll out our service once we have funding on-board.”

Visit the New York Digital Irish LinkedIn page here or sign up for the next event, Wednesday, May 22, here.

The new networking group, New York Digital Irish aims to provide a forum for Irish expats and Irish Americans in the digital media arenaNY Digital Irish