Going out for a few pints will never be the same thanks to new technology that may soon change the way you drink.

The ePint Smart Beer Mug, which comes with its own app, will let you and your friends know when you’ve had enough to drink. Using Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart device, the mug will not only keep track of the number of drinks you’ve had, it can also be linked with a taxi app that will call you a cab home. 

And that's not all --- the ePint is loaded with bells and whistles. The mug, which is made from durable and dishwasher safe polycarbonate material, features a weight sensor that measures the amount of beer inside and LED lights that flash when it’s time for a top-up. (You can program it to light up in the colors of your favorite football team.) The gadget even comes with built-in drinking games and a bottle opener on the bottom.

The ePink app for iOS and Android also has a recovery feature which will tell you how much water you need to drink and exercise you need to recover from the previous night’s partying.

This high-tech mug is not yet available in stores — Xtreme Tech, the Los-Angeles-based team behind the ePint, is currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter to push the invention into development, the Mirror reports.

"Why make a smart beer mug? Well, because we can! We decided to make a product that is straight forward, simple, fun and very cool!" reads the ePint's Kickstarter campaign page.

"We took something that almost everyone uses and we connected it to the Internet. This enables the ePint to do things that, until now, seemed impossible.

"We love sports, we love beer and we love technology so, with sports and beer hard to improve on, we came up with the idea of vastly improving the typical boring beer mug.

"The idea of ePint was born. We have the smartest beer mug in the Universe and we want to share it with you and your friends!"

If the team can make the $50,000 funding target, it hopes to offer the ePints for sale by April 2016. Early backers will be able to purchase the mug for $30.