Break out those piggy banks - if you can get your hands on some old Irish punt, you've basically won the lotto. 

According to The Central Bank's annual report, $270.4 million (€226m) worth of old Irish punts remains unaccounted for.  The good news? You can still redeem it!

The Central Bank redeemed €1.5 million ($1.7m) in Irish pounds last year alone. The bank continues to value the old currency which was phased out in favor of the euro in February 2002.

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In their annual report, the bank revealed that €0.4 million in Irish pound coins and €1.1 million in old banknotes were redeemed in 2017. In 2016, €1.5 million was also redeemed.

The report maintains that old currency will still be honored.

In 2010, the Central Bank issued an appeal for Irish punts. At the time, they stated that there was €300m ($358m) worth of punts still "unclaimed for".

If you happen to come across a forgotten stash - you could be talking big bucks in exchange for the now-defunct currency.

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Coin collector Mike Kelly previously told the Irish Independent that the 1985 copper-colored 20p piece that depicts a horse could be worth at least €10,000 in an auction.

Similarly, the 1992 10p coin could bring in between €5,000 and €10,000. Both of these coins were only produced in very small quantities, making them rare today.

As for the Series A banknotes - the 'Ploughman' and 'Lady Lavery' ones that were used from the foundation of the State until the mid-1970s - can command up to €5,000 if they are in a flawless condition.