Notre Dame will release a perfume for its fans. The new scent was developed by Steiner Collectables and The Cloudbreak Group, who previously developed perfumes for the New York Yankees last year. Specifics about the smell of the fragrance have not yet been released.

The new scent called ND Gold Eau de Toilette for men and Lady Irish Eau De Parfum for women are expected to sell for $62 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. The fragrance will also be available in a shower gel and body lotion for women, men’s hair and body wash, aftershave, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.

The Cloudbreak Group marketing director Alyssa Atzeff said that the appeal of the fragrances comes from alumni’s emotional connection to their university community. ABC quoted her, “When you wear a fragrance, you are embodying in the essence, status, and spirit of that brand.” She continued, “Students, alumni, and fans exhibit a powerful connection to their universities, a passion that can be extended through the creation of the Notre Dame fragrance.”

Notre Dame director of licensing Michael Low thought fragrance was the next logical product to offer. He said, “Some consumers enjoy purchasing apparel, some housewares, some jewelry. You ask why [perfume]? I ask ‘why not?’” 

Low said the scent is subject to some change. “In the end, consumers will determine the success of the various scented projects,” he said and went on, “If consumers resist the inaugural scent Cloudbreak and Steiner will have to make appropriate adjustments.”

Notre Dame has already licensed other lotions and hand sanitizers, but their work with Cloudbreak Group and Steiner is the first time Notre Dame has worked with companies dedicated solely to the development of a unique scent. The Huffington Post quoted Low in an email, “The University of Notre Dame’s practice is to license fewer companies than most other universities, and we encourage our licensing partners to develop innovative products of high quality that are not commonly available in the marketplace.”

The Fighting Irish are not the first to have their own fragrance. already sells scents for the Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Texas Rangers. Eleven schools have scents from Masik Collegiate Fragrances who specializes in “unique signature scents developed for each university.” Penn State, Florida State, Auburn University, and Waseda University in Tokyo among them.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish to release cologne "Gold" and perfume "Irish Lady"Fox