IrishCentral and Irish based digital agency IRS+ announced a strategic partnership yesterday in Dublin.

IrishCentral's founder Niall O’Dowd addressed advertising agency leaders at the launch announcement in Dublin’s Cliff Townhouse.

In the latest step in their digital consolidation process, IRS+ (formerly Independent Radio Sales) will now handle agency sales for IrishCentral which boasts over 2.5 million unique visitors a month.

“We are delighted to announce this strategic partnerships, which extends our digital footprint to over 15.4 million page views a month” said IRS+ Chief Executive Peter Smyth.

“IrishCentral is a world-leading Irish brand as well as being the largest Irish site in North America and this arrangement is a major capture for IRS+, joining a stable that includes and the IRS+ online network of 14 sites nationally.

"Our recent digital additions represent a fundamental change in the direction of the business, which for many years had solely represented independent radio stations. We feel that rebranding to IRS+ has opened up a host of additional opportunities for our agency clients to reach new markets under one umbrella brand. By venturing into digital sales, events and research we are adding value to our core sales proposition of airtime for our 15 radio stations.”

IrishCentral founder and CEO Niall O’Dowd spoke of his pride in the development of the site, which has 2.5 million monthly users as well as over 300,000 social media subscribers.

“We are delighted to partner with IRS+, who, like ourselves, are an independent voice in Irish media with a feel for what their audience wants,” O'Dowd said.

“From a standing start five years ago, we now have the largest global daily gathering of Irish expatriates on the planet – offering a unique market for advertisers.

“As well as being a leading source for news and politics from Irish America and Ireland, our team is dedicated to telling stories about Irish culture, roots, history, and genealogy.

“IrishCentral works because we reflect the desires of Irish people at home and abroad,” he said.