Irish Network-Dublin (IN-Dublin), the first non-US based group  affiliated with the Irish Network-USA (IN-USA), will officially launch this month at the home of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

The newest group, IN-Dublin, which will include mentoring programmes, networking, cultural and social events among their activities, will be launched by Minister for Diaspora Affairs Jimmy Deenihan, TD,  with special guest  Deputy Chief of Mission from the US Embassy in Dublin Stuart Dwyer also in attendance

In the United States Irish Network (IN) provide a means by which the Irish diaspora are supported while they are living and working in the United States. IN-Dublin will provide continued support to IN members as they return home and readjust to life back in Ireland as well as providing guidance and support to Irish people planning a move to the US or doing business in the US. The group will connect Irish diaspora, Irish American or anyone with an affinity to Ireland making them part of a network that will give them a real sense of community and a link to home.

IN-USA is the umbrella organization which links 19 different chapters of the Irish Network across America, from San Francisco to New York and from Buffalo to New Orleans. There are now 3,500 members of the network across America. This newest group IN-Dublin will now provide a means through which all those who identify themselves as Irish  I can tap into a wealth of connections and knowledge right across the US and Ireland.

The first Chair of IN-Dublin’s board Louise Corrigan, speaking about the upcoming launch said “IN-Dublin provides a very exciting opportunity for us to build a bridge between the home place and its diaspora in the US. We have a great board driving this project, many of us formerly involved in IN across the pond and all of whom share a sense of connection to the US for various reasons and are very much invested in strengthening that bond.

“It has been incredible to witness the interest and support for this initiative as we worked towards our official launch and I am thrilled to be part of this exciting chapter for IN, an organisation which became a huge part of my life in New York and provided so much support to me when I was adjusting to life in a new city and new country.”