Irish cookery teacher Nikki Walsh was forced to hand over her website domain name “Lady Aga” to singer Lady Gaga. Walsh was so terrified from the letter she received from Lady Gaga’s legal team that she complied.

Walsh said about her business, “I am a cookery teacher and cook from Aga.I had built up a great reputation with people as Lady Aga, and people know me as that.”

The Dublin cook received a strongly worded letter from Lady Gaga’s lawyers to hand over her domain name and trademark and threatened her with costly legal action. They also included a contract for her to sign and return within seven days in which Walsh transfers all rights to the name to Lady Gaga.

Walsh said about the letter, “I thought Lady Gaga’s lawyers were over the top. The letter from her lawyers was so intimidating. I am an Irish cook, a girl passionate about cooking, food and Aga. It is as simple as that.”

Lady Gaga’s action has left a bad taste in Walsh’s mouth. “I always thought Lady Gaga was great but couldn’t believe she would be so petty to stop me in my tracks.”

Walsh might have had a reasonable chance in court. A legal expert told the Independent, “I am not entirely convinced by Lady Gaga’s assertions. It seems unlikely that members of the public would confuse Ms Walsh’s blog as being associated with, or endorsed by, Lady Gaga.” He went on, “In my opinion she would have had a reasonable chance of defending her position.”

Since the loss of her domain name, Walsh has rebranded herself as Lady Eve and is slowly working on her rebuilding her brand. Evie is the name of her daughter who also loves to cook. Aga have been in contact with her to become a brand ambassador.

You can visit Walsh’s website at