An Irish pub in Dublin will host a live 3D broadcast of Sunday's clash between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Sunday's broadcast will be the first-ever live 3D sports broadcast and is being shown in nine bars in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

QBar off O'Connell Bridge is the only bar in Ireland to win the rights from SkySports.

Sky says this is only a taster for the live 3D service which it will be launching in April.

Sky Sports' Darren Long said viewers are in for a whole new experience.

"When you watch a golfer putting in 2D it looks flat – it looks easy," he said. "When you see it in 3D you can see every bump and contour on the green and you really appreciate their skill."

Mind you, most of the people in the pub are probably already seeing in 3D after their third beer!


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