Irish Justice Minster Dermot Ahern wants to make it impossible for white-collar workers “to play fast and loose with the economic and financial system” without being punished.

The police commissioner, Fachtna Murphy, will advise Ahern on how to go about strengthening the laws on white-collar crime.

While address the Irish Law Societies Annual dinner Ahern said that he intended to use the police force’s experience in banking investigations to help him bring white collar offenders to justice as swiftly as possible.

"In light of the experience gained by the Force in these current and in past investigations, I believe they are well placed to bring forward proposals, which will help us bring offenders to justice as expeditiously as possible," said Ahern.

"In my view the number and variety of laws dealing with corruption matters on the statute book is unsatisfactory and understandably confusing for many people.

"I want to make the law clearer, easier to access and where necessary, tougher, in this area."

Ahern also said the Corruption Bill, currently before the parliament, will provide blanket protection for whistleblowers in any job reporting suspected corruption.

“Let me be clear what that means: it will provide protection to any person, in any sector, reporting suspicions of corruption in good faith,” he said.