Award-winning Irish games developers chosen to create new puzzle game "Sunny Bunnies: Magic Pop!" by English TV studio Media I.M. Incorporated Ltd.

Multi-award winning Irish games development company 9th Impact have been charting their own course in "The City of the Tribes" [Galway] for more than half a decade.

They have carved out a niche as the guys and gals to turn to when you want a TV show to become a game in the palm of your hand. Previous success amongst others includes Danger Mouse for mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Now in a brand new development, the company spearheaded by Irish tech entrepreneurs Dr. Finn Krewer and Mark Quick, from Clare and Mayo, have joined up with English TV studio Media I.M. Incorporated Ltd.

They have been chosen as the developers behind a brand new game for 4 to 7-year-olds called "Sunny Bunnies: Magic Pop" based on the hit TV show "Sunny Bunnies."

“We picked 9th Impact as our game development partner because of their deep understanding of working with TV properties and their track record of making games that fans of the TV show love,” said Gavin Metcalfe, Brand Licensing Director at Media I.M.

The new game, ‘Sunny Bunnies: Magic Pop!’  is a puzzle where players tap 2 or more adjoining characters of the same colour in order to make them magically “pop” and count toward achievement of the level objective.

Multi-award winning Irish games development company 9th Impact.

Multi-award winning Irish games development company 9th Impact.

“We wanted to create a game that reflected the bright, colourful fun of the Sunny Bunnies comedy but was also challenging for kids and could help develop problem solving and logical thinking skills” said Dr. Finn Krewer, Head of Development at 9th Impact.

With the new tie-in, Media I.M. are aiming for complete integration between the Sunny Bunnies TV show and the mobile game.

“We are breaking down traditional barriers that existed between different media,” said Metcalfe. “An episode of the TV show will feature the Sunny Bunnies unwittingly creating the game and the game will feature lots of clips from the TV show.”

The specially created episode will be titled ‘Magic Pop!’ and will be available on the Sunny Bunnies You Tube Channel on the same day as the game comes out.

The Sunny Bunnies You Tube Channel attracts over 20 million views monthly, so the developers are anticipating that a lot of players will be introduced to the mobile game organically.

Sunny Bunnies: Magic Pop! will launch on Google Play Store and Apple App Store globally on November 16th.

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