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Moving to the States, whether for a few months, a few years, or the rest of your life, is a big adventure. But alongside all of the benefits of being an expat there are some major annoyances.

One of the most common issues expats encounter is sending money back to Ireland. Logistics aside, you may not even be aware of how much money your bank may be charging you to move your hard-earned dollars back home and convert them into euros.

Look up the exchange rate in Google. Then, look up the exchange rate that your bank gives you when you send money back to Ireland.

Do you notice a different?

That’s because most banks and other transfer services tweak the exchange rate so that they’re skimming a profit from your money – sometimes even if they claim the transaction is “no fee.” While this percentage might be small, over time it can really add up.

But there’s some good news: you can choose to skip the banks and use TransferWise instead.

TransferWise is an international payments company that was set up to help people with exactly this problem. By charging a small, up-front fee (nothing is hidden) and giving you the real exchange rate -- that’s the one you see on Google -- you get the most for your money with TransferWise. It’s transparent, it’s cheaper -- up to eight times cheaper than your bank -- and it’s fast. Don’t just to take our word for it, though: thousands of people like customer Niall McLaughlin have used TransferWise, and they love it.

Why does Niall McLaughlin send money between the US and Ireland with TransferWise?

“Simply because it is the cheapest and most convenient way to transfer money,’ he says. ‘Since beginning to use TransferWise, I have been able to plan and schedule regular payments in Ireland, safe in the knowledge that I will be enjoying a mid-market exchange rate each time.’ According to Niall, TransferWise is simple to use, too: ‘The website looks stunning,’ he says, ‘and I love how easy it is to set up your first transfer. What’s even better is that previous transfers are saved, so these can be easily repeated on a regular basis.

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