From small promo gifts to nifty online methods, here are seven tips to help any company successfully promote their brand.

One of the most popular ways to promote a brand successfully is with a custom promotional gift service. Just place your custom branded logo and graphics on small gift items and then give them away to people. 

Even if you give them away for free, it is really an investment in marketing because other people will see your brand advertised on those gifts. That is how you get people to remember your brand. Whenever someone wears a pin, medal, or badge with your logo on it, they are turning themselves into a walking billboard.

Promotional gifts are the first step to successfully promoting your brand. After that, you must continue to expose your brand name and imagery to people in several other ways. Some of these promotional methods cost money, while others can be done for free. Choose whichever ones accommodate your budget. 

Below are the top 7 ways to successfully promote your brand.

Add intellectual appeal

Every brand must have intellectual appeal created from the energy, talent, and commitment of the entrepreneur who owns it. When you give your brand some intellectual appeal, it becomes a personalized brand different from other brands within the same industry.

Intellectual appeal can be created with a brand that has a strong physical presence, the right messaging, and a long-lasting impact on the users of its products. The idea is to focus on the demands of your target audience and promote your brand in a way that appeals to those demands. 

Everything from the copywriting to the imagery of your ads must speak to the potential customers and draw them in. If the products serve them well, they will associate your brand with excellence and quality. 

Brand consistency

No matter where you promote your brand, try to maintain consistency in how your brand is portrayed. For instance, the appearance of your logo, color scheme, and imagery should look very similar in all your advertisements. People will remember your brand more and associate the appearance of your ads with it. 

Do not spam

Brand promotion does not mean throwing it in people’s faces all the time. There is no need to spam promotional content in emails, mailed flyers, or phone calls. You’ll upset potential customers if you overdo your promotions. 

Therefore, if you need to send an email newsletter or printed flyer, limit it to once per week. That will leave just enough time for your leads to be reminded of your brand without feeling annoyed. 

Video marketing

No brand can exist in the 21st century without effective video marketing. Create branded promotional videos and upload them to YouTube. You can create these videos in several different ways. 

The first way is to record yourself doing a commercial that promotes your brand. Another way is to create an animated video and have that promote your brand. If you don’t have the skills to do these things, you can hire a freelancer over the internet to do them for you.

Create a blog

Create a blog that centers around the same niche as your brand. Don’t just use the blog to promote your products or services. You need to post valuable content on the blog that is educational or entertaining to people. That is the only way they’ll keep coming back to see new content. 

As you post content, you can put some branded anchor links or other content related to your brand. Perhaps you could suggest one of your products as a solution to a common problem people have. 

Publish a press release

Write and publish a press release related to your company or niche. It should be an informative press release that is not too promotional. Try to tell an interesting story with hyperlinks to your website or product pages. 

There are lots of ways to distribute press releases online. You can use reputable websites like Newswire or PRWeb to do it.  

PPC ads

Pay-per-click advertisements are useful if you set a reasonable budget for yourself. Whether you choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads as your PPC advertising platform, you’ll have access to tools that let you target a specific audience or demographic. PPC ads are the fastest way to promote your brand successfully.