Spoiler alert! "Game of Thrones" fans read no further if you don't want to read about potential season four spoilers!

Lurkers obsessed with the popular "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy saga got close to the crew filming a new scene in Ballintoy Harbour, County Antrim, early on Thursday morning last week.

Snaps taken near the site show three people being burned on stakes while a crowd looks on, a reminder of the increasingly grim body count that litters the increasingly grim fantasy series.

If you thought that season three was a non-stop orgy of doom, death and darkness, wait till you see what season four brings.

The last series ended with the infamous Red Wedding, which saw most of the Stark family being massacred in a moment that left open mouthed viewers to get over their shock.

Guess what season four holds? More main characters dying.

Author RR Martin never misses an opportunity to stage a good massacre, and word is he has written the upcoming Purple Wedding episode which will will apparently be just as startling as the Red Wedding.

According to the Belfast Telegraph it's not the first time the series has chosen the picturesque Irish village as a film location. In series two it was used for the town of Lordsport.

Northern Ireland has provided the particularly scenic backdrop to all the "Game of Thrones"  seasons since filming began in 2010, with HBO executive vice-president Jay Roewe confirming that thanks to the talent of the film crews and the beauty of the natural landscape Northern Ireland is now on the radar of many major US production companies as a result of the increasingly successful fantasy series.

Speaking at a packed investment conference in Belfast last week Roewe said: 'I can tell you unequivocally right now people are already asking us about Northern Ireland.

'They have already made enquiries as to how it's going for us here and it's on the radar, so the word is already getting out.

'Among the things we are bringing to Northern Ireland by shooting "Game Of Thrones" here is an opportunity for people to work on a world-class production and we are used to working with the top film-makers in the world and we have brought those people here.

'We hope to be here for a long period of time,' he added. 'We look forward to making more seasons of "Game Of Thrones".'

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