It is now safe to say that a majority of the nations on this continent have started their journey towards progress, and they are doing a pretty good job at it. 

Numerous investors from all around the world have started targeting this continent and have stated that the future is here. Investments in Africa are divided into regions. For example, Northern Africa is well-known for the oil industry, South Africa is a more developed market with a great mining industry, etc. 

There are also man benefits that come by investing in this region. First of all, Africa is filled with natural resources – from oil to diamonds, even gold and uranium. The large population living in this region also makes it a good target as it creates a huge opportunity for consumer goods. The fact that Africa is still relatively undeveloped makes it easier to invest in as the shares are cheaper than the rest of the world. 

With all of this being said, we wanted to name our list of 5 best African company shares to buy. As we mentioned earlier, Africa is very diverse, so if you plan to invest in these companies, you will need to read a bit more about how the process of investments goes in this region. 

Learning all about African investments

As we stated earlier, the process of investment is a bit different in Africa. There are several regions that have specifically developed industries and by knowing these industries and the platforms on which you can purchase shares, you will have a promising start. 

Buying shares online has become very popular as the process is much faster and much more effective. By learning how to buy shares online, you will be able to complete the whole process of investing in lesser time than usual, and since time is money, every second counts, especially in times when Africa is at the center of the investment world and people are doing everything they can to step into this world. 

Now that we’ve got the process of investing cleared out, let’s check out which are the best companies to buy shares in Africa.

Africa Oil Corp

At the beginning of this article, we stated how the oil industry is one of the most developed in Africa. Well, here your chance to invest in one. Africa Oil Corp has assets in Kenya and Ethiopia and is regarded as one of the most advanced companies in this region. They are listed on stock exchange markets under the symbol AOI and judging from their recent financial reports, Africa Oil Corp has been doing a fantastic job.

Adventis Limited

Next up, we have an investment company that is solely focused on the African continent. Finding a company of this character is always an advantage because they have great knowledge of the region, which means that the chances of success and creating beneficial politics are greater, and so is your chance to profit from all of it. Adventis Limited offers investment management and advisory services across a range of classes that include public equity, fixed income, and private debt. 


VanEck is another investment company that is based in New York but has a big focus on the African market. It offers mutual funds, ETPs, variable insurance portfolios, alternative investments, and much more. The company operates globally and has a vast knowledge of the market in various industries, and that knowledge can be put to good use.

Grindrod Limited

Grindrod is a South-African freight company. Investing in this company has increased lately due to its success. It attracted the attention of local investors and some factors even point that Grindrod is actually one of the safest investments to make at the moment. With over 100 years of experience in their working field, you can rely on their success, which can bring you a good profit. 


Having a good education system is the key to the future. As Africa undergoes its own transformation, there will come a time when this system in the region will develop and Curro is right now one of the most reputable independent school networks. By investing in it, not only are you taking care of your financial matters, but you also step into the world of humanity and philanthropy by ensuring that the future African generations will have a good education and a solid platform to build themselves.