Coinopsy and Deadcoins, money raised through ICOs, CryptoKitties and more.

Liina and I met for our regular weekly review of all things crypto again today. It is still sunny across Europe (although I did hear of rain yesterday in Devon) and last week at the summer solstice Liina reported rain in Estonia – although she says it is always rains on that date for spite.

Here is Ireland the heat is really doing this little island in. We are a nation of brown-as-berries which is very strange. Tourists arriving in Dublin airport are confused and think they have been redirected to Malaga or some other sunny destination. There is a down side though as we are now experiencing water shortages (I know I know – in Ireland) so there is there a hosepipe ban in Dublin. Roads have been closed due to tar melting (why does this not happen in other countries – do we use a different kind of tarmacadam?) and there have been many fires especially in the mountains keeping the fire service very busy. Farmers too are worried they will not have enough grass for a second cut – this becomes very important for next year’s fodder. My daughter has horses and it can be very expensive – and difficult – sourcing hay when there is not enough to buy.

But enough about the weather – although it is our national pastime to talk about it – and back to those dead coins.

A report by Techcrunch says there are more than 1,000 dead coins. The report collates coins reviewed and nominated as dead coins by two sites – Coinopsy and Deadcoins. The various criteria for declaring a coin dead is given as abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, no social updates or developers walked away.

In a related report Cointelegraph pointed out that in the first six months of 2018 $13.7billion has been raised through ICOs – twice that of the entire 2017 – that some $1billion was raised by dead coins. You have been warned!

What else did we speak about? CryptoKitties (confession, Liina has bought them) and Poland, bank accounts, Facebook reversing its crypto ban and finally a new Blockchain religion has been launched. It was only a matter of time and now we have the Zero X Omega Blockchain religion launched by ex Augur CEO Matt Liston and artist Avery Singer.

Watch it here and decide if it was a good week or a bad week in crypto 

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