The Crypto Divas, aka IrishCentral columnist Jillian Godsil and co host Morgan Pierce sit down every week to look at the world of crypto and see if things are good or bad.

This week it was a fairly flat week for news but lots of slumps for cryptocurrency generally. On the upside Irish startup, Mingo, took part in the big Ireland Day celebrations in NYSE.

Its chairman, Fran Rooney, is legendary both in Irish business circles and the FTSE in London where he floated his company Baltimore Technologies. Mingo is Ireland's first ICO (initial coin offering) project working in the cryptocurrency sector.

The Mingo product is a message aggregation app (bringing all your messages together into one app regardless of platform) with a plugin ecosystem where merchants can offer products and services all denominated in the MingoCoin - which is a cryptocurrency.

Mingo was the launch of US Swirld's public ledger hashgraph - Hedera hashgraph - in NY.  Mingo also announced it is building its app on the Hedera hashgraph platfo=rm and is again one of the first companies to do this

Other pieces of news saw Singapore move forwards to blockchain and France move backwards.

However, on the day after the successful win by Ireland's rugby team against the English and thereby the winning of the Grand Slam  - only achieved three times since the competition began by the Irish - nothing could dampen their spirits - not ever the return of the beast from the east which covered the East Coast of Ireland with heavy snow again today.

Good week for rugby and sports - bad week for cryptocurrency

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