When it comes to understanding the basic fragments of any financial aspect, you have to make sure that you are taking slow and steady steps that are filled with the absolute most necessary information. This implies the fact that there are constant updates that are happening in the world of investment that you, as a future broker will get a chance to experience.

One of the latest trends that are taking over the world by a storm is defiantly the sports betting industry, which in this situation is expanding towards the stock market. To put all of this in other words, when it comes to dealing with stocks, no matter your particular interest in buying, investing, or selling, you should make sure that you are willing enough to get behind every single detail that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Starting this journey, we are going to explore the aspect of buying stocks that are in the realm of betting sites. Knowing all of this, betting can be considered a rather crucial component in the UK, and as its popularity is only increasing the Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) is moving at the same pace. This implies the fact that over the past couple of years the GGY in the UK has increased roughly 8.4 billion British pounds. 

Accordingly, in today’s article, we have managed to gather five of the best betting site socks that are worth exploring, thus giving you the necessary insight that will help you make the right choice, thus, make a profit. 

William Hill

Starting off, we are first going to explore one of the most popular betting sites that are William Hill. They are considered to be one of the most highly reliable and reputable betting sites that are currently taking over the world. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are a constituent on the FTSE 250 Index. Their GBX is 269.80 and their main market cap is £m 2,832.20.

As listed on Safe Betting Sites UK, William Hill is a betting company that you should explore as your potential stock investment opportunity. 


Currently operating at a rather full speed, BET365 is another betting site that you should explore if you are interested in finding more about the possible stock deals that you can buy this year. Their gross profit is noted to be £2.9 billion. The net income of BET365 is at £582.5 M and the EBIT is at £660.3 M.

If you choose to further explore this segment as your potential candidate for buying stocks you should make sure that you have all of the necessary information at hand. 


888Sport is a betting company that is under 888Holdings PLC that is known as their parent company. If you want to explore the current stock information that will help you make a further decision regarding the segment of investments you should know that their current GBX is 303.00. A further look over their years of operation will help you notice a huge increase in their revenue and they are surely moving closer to achieving their peak that was noted in 2018. 

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish betting company that is actually owned by Flutter Entertainment, a company that you will recognize if you explore the UK stock market. Their last noted GBX is at 15,600.00 and their overall revenue sits at 2.14 billion GBP.

If you take a look at the analysis of their stock market performance you will get a chance to see that they are actually experiencing a rather significant growth that will bring you great investment opportunities. 

Sky Betting & Gaming

Sky Betting & Gaming is a British-based betting company that is owned by The Stars Group. They are considered one of the largest betting base that has established an annual revenue of £624 million. Ever since 2017, they have managed to experience overall growth rates of approximately 46% and 51%.

Understanding their overall stock market analysis you can see that they are a rather safe investment choice. 

The Bottom Line

After completing the shortlist of the top five betting site stocks that you should explore, you should make sure that you are putting into practice the segments we have mentioned above. This implies the fact that you will have to make thorough research with all of your specific needs and requirements in mind before you make any further decisions.