The former Northern Virginia Real Estate tycoon has not only established himself as one of the most successful individuals in the history of the Network Marketing industry, he’s also established himself as one of the most sought out trainers as well, and for good reason.

It’s important to seek out someone who doesn’t just know what they’re talking about, but someone who has enough experience and integrity to really dive in deep to make sure you get the training you need to get yourself up to the next level.

Brian Carruthers's book Building an Empire is not just an Amazon bestseller, it’s one of the most commonly referred books to go to for someone looking to have success in their own Network Marketing business.

The book details everything from recruiting, training your teams, looking for leaders, developing leaders, and even structuring duplication within your organization to help you turn it into a passive income. It truly does detail everything you need to you within the industry and you can take just about everything from it and apply it to other industries.

That’s not even the only book he’s written, either. He’s written three other books that are go-to’s on wealth creation and business, and he’s well qualified having made smart decisions with growing his personal wealth as he’s climbed the ladder of business.

Hundreds of teams outside of the company that Brian is currently active in reference his book as the go-to training tool they use to train their network marketing teams. Brian frequently guest speaks on calls for other teams and helps them dive into the skillsets they need to know depending on what level of success or education they have within building their organizations.

He’s very well trusted and has a very strict no cross recruiting policy within himself. having that level of integrity is why so many leaders trust him to be their “Foster Mentor” in their network marketing journey.

Brian can be reached for comment on Instagram at @realbriancarruthers.

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