September 09, 2021

NUI Galway - Explore one of Ireland's oldest universities

NUI Galway is one of the oldest universities in Ireland is open to visitors to explore.

The National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) was founded in 1845 as "Queen's College Galway" and opened its doors to just 68 students.

NUI Galway has grown massively in size and reputation over the past 176 years, with a student population today of over 18,000. 

Located close to the city center, the college stretches along the River Corrib and for visitors to Galway, the campus grounds and the University's museums are only a short walk away. 

Nicknamed Galway's 'hidden museum', the James Mitchell Geology Museum has a large collection of rare rocks, ancient fossils, and precious gems on display. Tucked away in the University's oldest building, its charming setting takes you back in time to when the University first began in 1845

The Zoology and Marine Biology Museum has an impressive collection of over 500 specimens, both native and exotic. You will see an array of animal skeletons, stuffed mammals, and birds, as well as rare glass models of creatures from the sea. 

While in the Computer and Communications Museum of Ireland you can explore and experience the evolving technological landscape across the decades. See early radios and iconic computers, and explore vintage games, including 'Space Invaders' and 'Pacman'. This technology, heritage, and education facility is a hit with young and old.

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