December 30, 2021

WATCH: Visit Michael Collins House in Clonakilty, Co Cork

Michael Collins House in Clonakilty, County Cork is a museum dedicated to Irish patriot and revolutionary hero, Michael Collins.

Visit the Michael Collins House to learn about the “Big Fella” himself, his life story entwined with the history of the fight for Irish independence.

The museum is presented in an accessible manner through guided tours, interactive displays, audiovisuals, artifacts, and more, bringing the history to life for all the family.

For those looking to delve into the history further information boards, history talks and highly qualified tour guides will more than happily engage in debate and answer any questions you may have.

The museum is based at 7 Emmet Square, Clonakilty, the only planned Georgian square outside of Dublin. Initially conceived by the Clonakilty Town Council in 2012, the building was restored and fitted in period decor. 

Despite local folklore previously saying No.7, where the museum is situated, was the building in which Michael Collins lived, this is now known to be untrue. While the museum does know that Michael Collins lived on Emmet Sq between 1903 and 1905, it cannot conclusively be said exactly which house he lived in. 

Find out more about the Michael Collins House here.