December 20, 2021

'Spirit of Kinsale': Jump aboard Kinsale Harbour Cruises, County Cork

The Kinsale Harbour Cruises will give you a very different view of Kinsale and its beautiful natural harbor. 

Located at the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, Kinsale town is famous for its colorful streetscapes and rich history, fuelled by great people, food, boutiques and events.   

Hop on the 'Spirit of Kinsale' for a spectacular tour of Kinsale harbor, a perfect combination of culture, information, relaxation, and stunning scenery.

Enjoy commentary from your tour guide on a brief history of Kinsale with anecdotal legends and an insight into how the town has developed over the centuries.

The boat even goes close to the shore to allow passengers a chance to glimpse seals, otters, herons, shags cormorants, terns, and other flora and fauna.

Further on you will pass by Charles Fort, which was built in the late 1600s to reinforce the defenses of the harbor, and also catch a glimpse of The Old Head of Kinsale. 

Before returning to the quay, the boat cruises up the Bandon River, passing three marinas. Peaceful images of a wide variety of boats and yachts bobbing in the water with the backdrop of this picturesque town will complete the trip.

Jump aboard the 'The Spirit of Kinsale' and see all the sights of one of the most beautiful natural harbors in Europe.

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