November 17, 2021

Meet the local community at Box of Frogs café, Bantry, County Cork

Box of Frogs is more than your average Irish café.

Located in the beating heart of Bantry, their fresh, Irish-roasted barista coffee is celebrated by locals as well as the tourists who flock to this beautiful corner of West Cork.

"Mad as a Box of Frogs" is a well-known phrase used in Ireland. When the O’Donovan family first set up the cafe, people thought they were a bit mad and the name felt just right.

There’s no doubt opening in a quiet little laneway was a gamble but, fortunately, it’s one that paid off. Over the years the café has gone from strength to strength, and the kitchen and bakery were even rebuilt a few years back.

During the day the café is popular with families and serves delicious, home-cooked breakfasts, brunches, and lunches to satisfy bellies big and small. In the evening drinks and light bites are served to those who appreciate Bantry’s music and arts scene.

Box of Frogs hopes to one day soon create a space for a "Bridewell Espace" and become a cultural hub for the community, bringing food, music and art together in one setting.

If you want relaxed vibes, culture, and craic, Box of Frogs is where it’s at. Find out more here.