November 01, 2021

Taste the West of Ireland at Bastion Restaurant, Kinsale, County Cork

Set in the very centre of Kinsale, Bastion is a contemporary restaurant driven by creativity using Irish produce.

Owned and run by a talented couple, Bastion's dark décor gives it a moody feel, but the twinkling candles add a welcoming touch.

From the bread at the beginning to a sweet treat with your coffee at the end, everything is made in-house.

Natural flavours are kept to the fore and local seafood is a highlight. The skillfully prepared, exacting dishes take on a modern style and often exhibit a playful, innovative element, while at the same time showing depth in their flavours and textures.

While their wine selection from around the world and prosecco on tap offers an endless choice when it comes to pairing your meal with the perfect drink.

Awarded a Michelin Star for 2020, Bastion Restaurant has also featured in the New York Times.

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H/T: Michelin