October 22, 2021

The seafood tour with Bantry Bay Boat Hire, County Cork

Explore the wild Atlantic with Bantry Bay Boat Hire in the rugged and beautiful West Cork.

Enjoy Ireland's only seafood tour that takes you out on the water on a guided tour like no other as you learn about the different types of fishing industries in the bay, the local seafood culture, and a little maritime history of Bantry Bay.

You will enjoy watching out for wildlife and numerous birds that frequent the area, visit lobster pots to see if any crabs or lobsters were caught overnight, and ​enjoy an introduction to the rich maritime history of Bantry Bay, including Wolfe Tone and the battle of 1796.

You will learn about the Bantry Bay mussel farms and their importance to locals and hopefully, get a chance to stop and chat with local fishermen busy on their trawlers harvesting the mussels or tending to their mussel lines. 

The tour will finish off with a visit to the historic Whiddy Island for a sharing bowl of freshly cooked Bantry Bay mussels, served with homemade Irish brown bread and a glass of Guinness. 

Find out more about Bantry Bay Boat Hire here.