Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki has revealed how boyfriend Rory McIlroy "makes me feel beautiful."

The young Danish ace has opened her heart to the Irish Sun newspaper about her relationship with Wee Mac.

As McIlroy prepares for the upcoming British Open championship, Wozniacki admitted: “Being with him makes me feel beautiful.”

Caroline said: “I am 21 years old. My sense of style is conservative, yet glamorous. I love dressing up and feeling pretty just like any girl.

“I am usually in my sporty clothes and shoes, but when I am not, I try to mix up my outfits.

“I have a lot of different styles and I like to look different each time I go out. I don’t have one style icon in particular because I try to have many different styles.

“The thought of being a role model for many young girls and women, around the world, at such a young age, is very flattering. But this fame also comes with an added responsibility.”

Both Caroline and Rory have suffered a slump in form in their respective sports of late.

But Wozniacki insisted they are good for each other in the interview.

She added: “Rory and I really enjoy spending time with each other.

“We have similar schedules and we both understand each other’s careers, as we both are for the most part, high profile athletes. We are very good for each other’s careers.”

Having just launched her own lingerie range, Wozniacki is determined to be a success on and off court.

She said: “Achieving my dream to become a top world tennis player has taken a huge amount of passion and determination. As a woman, I love to feel good about my body and I want to look great.

“I admire women like Victoria Azarenka, Agniezka Radwanska, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Petra Kvitova. Even though they are my biggest competition, I really like the way they are and have maintained themselves.”

Caroline Wozniacki heads to Portrush to support Rory McIlroyGoogle Images