End of year stats show that the NFL had 13 of the top twenty rated shows on national television in 2010.

It also showed that on cable, ESPN's 'Monday Night Football' swamped the opposition week in and week out.

The popularity of the NFL has never been greater.

Experts say some of it is the advent of high definition television which makes the game even more compelling.

Me I'd say it is socialism.

I'm sure the owners would never agree but the facts are clear.

The parity between the different teams is astonishing.

Anyone of about ten teams.New Orleans Saints, The New York Giants,Philadelphia Eagles. New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh , could win the Super Bowl this year.

The reason is simple. Unlike in baseball where teams can just suck up the best talent with the biggest paycheck, the best players out of college get drafted to the worst teams.

It is a revolutionary concept in sport and it works like a dream.

It means that apart from perennial losers like Detroit, almost any team on any given season has a shot at the super bowl or a title game -- as the Saints did last year, as the Arizona Cardinals did two years ago or look at Kansas City this year.

It is socialism at its best, sharing the wealth and sharing the television revenue too leaves it down to the skill of coaches and owners to pick the best draft choices and build and rebuild.

Other sports, especially baseball and soccer could learn from this.