Notre Dame need not fear the Alabama team we saw eke out victory over Georgia on Saturday night.

This was an Alabama team that will play into Notre Dame's biggest strength-- stopping the run. Sure Lacey ran for 200 yards or close to, but I cannot imagine a defense that handled Denard Robinson and Le'Veon Bell and other hotshots this year, failing to stop him.

On the other side of the ball, Alabama looked vulnerable to a mobile deep threat quarterback -- step up Mr. Golson.

Golson is certainly as good if not a better quarterback than Georgia's Murray who literally threw the game away in the final seconds with as rushed a pass as you will see.
Notre Dame receivers and players out of the backfield are also lethal and one can imagine a lot of swing passes and quick routes.

The hurry-up offense was stymied by Georgia early in the first half and Alabama's big gun at quarterback A.J. McCarron looked pretty ordinary throwing two first half

What will most stand to Notre Dame is that Alabama are no colossus or unbeatable team. Georgia should have done it Texas A&M did it.

Notre Dame can do it to. Brian Kelly will convince them it is so.

The fact that they are 9.5 points underdogs will suit them just fine as well.