For Rex Ryan to beat Tom Brady, he will have to get creative. The Oakland Raiders tried, but Wes Welker soon found himself outplayed at every turn.

'You want to put him in situations where maybe he’s more careful with the football than he has to be or might normally be because we have a chance to control the game with our offense,' Ryan told the Boston Herald. 'I know it looks like it’s just defense, but it’s a team thing.'

'I know if you just play standard coverage against him, you got no chance. I mean zero! You better hope for a hurricane or something. It might be your only chance. Quite honestly, I’ve been on the sideline wishing there was a hurricane ’cause he’s that kind of guy. He’s as good as it gets right now.'

Ryan also admits that he can't try last years tricks on this years model.

'Yeah, absolutely,' Ryan' admitted, saying that he worked harder to outfox Brady more than any other player. 'I think we have a defense that really is driven by the opposition where we’re flexible enough to look at what they do. When you get some of these unusual quarterbacks like Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, if you present a standard coverage you can forget about it. You’re hoping that there’s a tipped ball or something.'

'That’s no way to play defense. We’re going to try and stop ’em. Maybe we do things a little more unconventionally against some of the top quarterbacks. You’ve got to change your coverage, your fronts, your blitzes.'

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'They’re running the ball more so they can say, ‘We’ll chase him out of this.’ OK, go ahead. We got to dial in run blitzes, do different things like that. When you go into it, you have a plan and you have to be multiple. When you look at the Pats this year, stats will tell you they’re probably going to run the ball more. I think they’re eighth in the league rushing the football. First in passing, obviously. So they’re not just a one-dimensional approach. It’s a chess match.'

'The chance you have is if there is some confusion there. You can’t present an obvious picture to him. If you’re just going to line up — I don’t care how good your defense is — and run certain pressures and whatever, he’s just going to light you up.'

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