Darren Clarke stayed up all night on Sunday celebrating his massive win at the British Open however the Herald Scotland are claiming that he was still drunk when he was interviewed at the press conference on Monday.

The newspaper said Clarke was not just a bit drunk "He was blootered. He was steamboats.. He had adult beveraged his way into gibbering infancy."

The article went on the talk about the difficulties that the stenographer, Kristin Cawley, must have had understanding Clarke, who they say was slurring his words. They say that his diction "bore the scars" of Clarke's 15 hours drinking session.



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They also said that his head was "lolling like a dinghy in a swell" and they translated his slurred speech for their readers. For example they explained that "Shtillhasntshnkin" was amazingly translated by the stenographer as "It still hasn’t sunk in." And "Shbeenavrygdnight" as "It’s been a very good night".

Perhaps it was Clarke's accent that bamboozled the journalist's ears or perhaps, as they said themselves, "a drunk man is never drunker than when he’s trying his damndest to be sober."

What do you think? Was Darren Clarke drunk?

Here's a video click of the press conference:

Darren Clarke begin his celebrations after the British OpenGoogle Images