When Ireland play their Pool C Rugby World Cup game against the United States in New Zealand, they know their opponents will need no extra motivation to perform well.

The game will take place on September 11th, the tenth anniversary of the terrorist  hijackings and will be a highly emotional day for the Americans.

"We have a tough game against the USA on what will be an important day for them. It's the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 and to look beyond the emotion of that would be very silly," said Ulster’s Rory Best, according to the Irish Independent.

"It was a big historical event for them. They'll deal with it in whatever way they need to deal with it. They're a very emotional people, the Americans, once we get there we'll have to prepare for it as best we can.

"We have to take it as a game of rugby, be professional and let them do what they do. That's up to them.

"There will be boys in that squad who have been affected directly or indirectly from it and it will be a big day for them. We'll just have to take that emotion out of it. We have to focus on the job."

Another element to add to the occasion is the fact that the USA is coached by former Ireland manager Eddie O’Sullivan, who worked with the core of this Irish team for several years before he resigned from the job in March 2008.

Also in Pool C with Ireland and the USA Eagles are Australia, Italy and Russia.