It is time to end the 20 horse Kentucky derby.

You just have to look at the two horses drawn on the inside the past two years to see why.

Looking at Lucky was the best 3-year-old colt in America last year-- so voted by racing's elite at year's end .

He was wiped out in the first 100 yards of last year's derby as the outside horses all came over jockeying for position.

This year Archarcharch, many people's idea of the winner who won the Arkansas Derby has been handed the poisoned chalice of the No. 1 hole and may have lost all chance.

You can go back through the years and the No. 1 hole has never won in a twenty horse field.

It is past time that the blood sweat and tears of trainers, jockeys, grooms and everyone else associated with a Kentucky Derby contender was not negated with a random draw that essentially eliminates their horse.

Cutting the field back would also eliminate the many no hopers who currently clutter the field and have no place on racing's greatest day

You have to go back to Ferdinand in 1986 in a 16 horse field to find a winner from the inside.

Even then Willie Shoemaker gave what many consider was the ride of his lifetime to get the horse home -- and that is saying something about one of the greatest jockeys who ever lived.

Bringing the field back down to 14 and eliminating the auxiliary gate would bring sanity back to racing on its biggest day.

The triple crown winners never faced twenty horse fields in the derby.

It is widely acknowledged that the best horse ,like Looking at Lucky has not won the race in the year they ran in it because of a bad draw.

I feel sorry for Archarcharch's connections who deserved better.

But it will take a miracle for him to win from the inside post.

And that is just not good enough.