The Player of the Tournament:
-Sean O'Brien
Having not started the opening game of the competition, O'Brien wasted no time in showing Declan Kidney that he should have been in from the start. His hard running and intensity traveling around the field meant the 24 year old made an immediate impression on Irish fans. The prospect of Heaslip and O'Brien in the Irish back row for the next decade or so is mouthwatering.

The Match of the Tournament
-Ireland 24 v 8 England
...which brings us to...

The 'karma' award

Congratulations on the Grand Slam England.

The biggest overachievers
Can Italy really qualify for this award after winning only one game?

The biggest underachievers
Declan Kidney and Marc Liévremont, Nick Mallet must be furious watching you mess up with so much talent.

The only man capable of making Andy Gray appreciate female lines-wo-men award

That's not easy viewing...*scrolls quickly back up to England's Grand Slam video, there we go. ok lets go*

The winner of the O'Gara/Sexton debate
The media, we love a bit of controversy so we do!!!

The lifetime achievement award for annonymity
-Brian O'Driscoll
Irish soccer fans won't realize how good Shay Given is until he is gone, Irish rugby fans have no hope in hell of realizing just what its going to be like to not watch Brian O'Driscoll play for Ireland once he retires. His ability as a rugby player is unbelievable and only matched by the amazing moments of brilliance that excite the crowd. Obviously hes not anonymous but in comparison to his quality, he is largely under-appreciated. Potentially the greatest ever Irish sportsperson.

The comeback player of the year award
-Johnny Wilkinson and Steve Thompson
Both players were crucial pieces of England's world cup winning team back in the day and have returned from serious injuries and the rugby wilderness to become important parts of England's six nations winning squad.

The award for those who most deserve what they got
Few winners in this category
-Nick Mallet and Sergio Parisse for finally getting a noteworthy victory with such an abysmal team.
-Marc Liévremont for tinkering with his team for the sake of tinkering even when they were winning, at least Kidney actually had issues he was trying to resolve. This is presuming that Liévremont is going to be fired for being an utter waste of space.

The 'why is my girlfriend suddenly a bigger rugby fan than me' award
-Tommy Bowe
Don't act like you haven't noticed her eyes wandering towards the wing every 45 seconds.

The 'karma' award number 2

You do realize you're living up to the stereotype of the Irish loving when the English lose and that they actually won the Six Nations don't you? Hush up, all complaints to here please!

The 'why are you still here?' award
-Gordon D'Arcy
Its no coincidence that Ireland's best performance came in a game when the ball was in D'Arcy's hands a minimal number of times. Anyone got Kevin Maggs number?

The wish you had been here award
-Adam Jones, Rob Kearney
Wales really missed Jones. He is a massive part of their scrum so much so that he could have changed their fortunes during the tournament completely.
Luke Fitzgerald couldn't fill in for Kearney at fullback and was always problematic for Ireland.