Stephen Ireland has finally put an end to any slim chances of him returning to the Irish soccer setup in the future.

In an interview with a French magazine, So Foot, Ireland launched into a tirade about his treatment at Aston Villa under Gerrard Houllier before setting his sights on his 'homeland.'

He claims to have "better things to do" than play for Ireland and elaborates like a scornful teenager by saying; "National teams don't interest me...And when you are Irish, you are well aware you'll never win the World Cup...I won’t come back. I feel nothing for the national team. I don’t feel at all guilty when they lose and when they win I never say 'oh dear, I could have been there.'"

Ireland retired from international football with his native Republic of Ireland four years ago, but he has no regrets and insists he feels nothing for his homeland, "I don't give a damn for Ireland. Live in Cork? I'd rather shoot myself. I prefer Los Angeles."

"Even if Ireland had qualified for the World Cup, I wouldn't have gone. People call for my return, but I have only played five times for them. The national team and me are ancient history."

Ireland fans can finally forget about the Cobh midfielder. He does not want to play for his country and as an Irish fan, I for one don't want him after this.

Looking at young players like Greg Cunningham and in particular Seamus Coleman and James McCarthy, Ireland have some bright young players emerging who should be the focus of the team over the next few years.

*Ireland has since refuted that the interview with So Foot was taken out of context.