Former world champion Steve Collins says he will fight American foe Roy Jones Jr. in Europe before the summer.

Now 48, Dubliner Collins says the fight he always wanted is finally on after Jones challenged him to a showdown last month.

Retired since 1997, Collins made the announcement on British radio station TalkSport radio.

Collins said the pair is just waiting on the right promoter to put the show together after repeatedly failing to take on Jones in the 1990s.

The Celtic Warrior claimed he will be ready to fight between 10 and 12 weeks and that his brother Pascal will take on the role as trainer.

“I was very happy with my career, but the one fight I wanted was Roy Jones, and when that didn’t happen I retired. To me he was afraid of me. I don’t think he’s a coward, but at the time he was!” said Collins who will have a brain scan next week.

“This is still a match. We’re the same generation. I wouldn’t even consider fighting a guy 15 or 20 years younger than me because that’s not a match.

“But we’re the same age and this is a fair match. It won’t be any different to how it would have been 15 years ago.”

Collins also confirmed that the fight will not go ahead unless he passes all medical tests.

Irish boxer Steve CollinsPA