Just so you guys can see what the Sport Central blog's bracket is;

AFC Championship:

Jets @ Colts- Colts.

                       Colts @ Steelers- Steelers.

                                                                    Ravens @ Steelers-Steeler

                       Ravens @ Patriots- Ravens

Ravens @ Chiefs- Ravens.

NFC Championship:

Packers @ Eagles- Packers.

                     Packers @ Falcons- Packers.

                                                                    Saints @ Packers-Packers.

                     Saints @ Bears- Saints.

Saints @ Seahawks- Saints.

Super Bowl

         AFC Champion:                                                   NFC Champion:

Pittsburgh Steelers                vs        Green Bay Packers

                      Super Bowl Winner: Green Bay Packers.

Sports Central would love to hear who you guys think is going to be in Dallas in February.