A golfing pro from a young age, here is nine-year-old Rory McIlroy chipping golf balls into a washing machine on a popular UTV talk show.

On Sunday the 22-year-old became the youngest U.S. Open winner in 88 years. Deadicated his victory to his father he said: “Happy Father's Day, dad - this one's for you”.

In this archived footage from 1999, Rory who had just won the Under-10 World Championship in Florida is seen chipping balls into a washing machine, in front of a live studio audience on the Kelly Show.

The young golfer told the presenter that chipping balls through the kitchen door into his mum’s washing machine was part of his training.

In a fitting accolade presenter Gerry Kelly says: “The Americans have Tiger Woods. We have young Rory and, believe you me, this boy can hit the ball.”

Parents Gerry and Rosie are beaming in the audience over their young son’s success when they speak to the presenter.

During the clip the golfing prodigy said that Darren Clark was his favorite Irish golfer.

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