Newly minted golf superstar Rory McIlroy has arrived. We know this because already teenage Irish boys are imitating his Neronian haircut.

That head of carefully coiffed curls is the latest thing in Ireland and already the 22-year-old champion's home club in Holywood, County Down is bursting with lads eager to emulate the US Open victors trademark curls.

Would you be surprised to hear that the low key star is taking it all in his stride?

'I think once you get the first one out of the way, things can start happening for you. I don't want to set a number of future wins,' he told the Irish Independent. 'I've won my first one and it's great, but now I'll be trying to win my second.'

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Typical of his reputation for thoughtfulness, McIlroy reflected on the sacrifices his parents had made (his father worked as a barman at the club where Rory first rose to fame) to help him achieve his world class victories.

'I was so young that at the time I was oblivious to all this. But once you become older and more mature, you realise how hard they did work for you. The opportunity they gave me to pursue this career - they're the best parents in the world. All my success is probably down to them.'

Rory McIlroy