Irish rugby ace Ronan O’Gara has admitted he invested badly in Irish real estate in recent years but that it has not affected his game. The 33-year-old told Today FM that he would play for two more years.

"A lot of us have invested heavily in property and we have seen what has happened so you have to be very careful and shrewd, and I suppose a few of us have made a few poor investments, so that is something we have to try and rectify and get over as the years go on," he said.

"I should have done a John Hayes(fellow Irish international) on it and put all my money under the mattress and I would be happy now."

But he said: "Once you get to the field it’s amazing, you just come into this really small bubble and your mind is concentrated and focused."

Teammate Paul O’Connell also on the Matt Cooper program agreed: "I think everyone has different issues to deal with but I don’t think it affects your rugby unless you are in serious trouble.

"Rugby is probably the time when you are least affected by any of your problems, it’s probably the time when you are most at ease, while in training."

O’Connell who is recovering from injury said his fitness "isn’t great" and says he does not know when he will be back in action.