The Boston Celtics victory over the New York Knicks has come with a serious price as point guard Rajon Rondo has been ruled out for a few weeks after suffering a sprained left ankle.

Vice president of basketball operations for the Celtics, Danny Ainge, told radio station WEEI on Thursday, "Rajon, I think, will be out for a couple of weeks, anyway,"

He continued on to explain why Rondo looked out of sorts during the game even though he contributed 14 assists to his team, "I think that Rajon is young, and he heals fast and he loves to play, to his credit. I couldn't believe he was back on the court last night. He wasn't moving very well, even when he got back out on the court. You could tell he was still in a lot of pain, and certainly after the game it started puffing up. This morning there was a lot of swelling, and he definitely needs some time off."

Rondo's league leading 13.8 assists will not be replaced by just one player but Nate Robinson, the starter in waiting, is a very capable player who will give the Celtics something different in attack. Robinson is likely to score more points for the Celtics in lee of a lower assist count.