Former Fighting Irish quarterback Joe Theismann did not mix his words when he told USA Today what was needed from the Notre Dame football team this season.

“Ten wins in a minimum,” said the former slinger.

Ten wins mean the team will have to produce a marked improvement on last year, when they sent 7-6.

"There's no excuses anymore for the University of Notre Dame, no excuses for Charlie (Weis-coach), no excuses for Jimmy (Clausen- quarterback)," continued Theismann .

As our in-house Notre Dame blogger Brian Boru Clarke wrote over the weekend, the time for action is now and Weis, when answering questions on media day, needs to see some tangible results.

“Weis, seated with his hands folded the entire time, spoke about everything from quarterback Jimmy Clausen to the 2010 recruiting class.

“But the recurring mantra was unquestionably: ‘show me.’

“Those two words signify that Charlie Weis is sick and tired of the talk. The promises.

"The last two seasons have obviously humbled Charlie Weis. No longer do you see the Jersey bravado permeating every syllable of his quotes.

"But don't mistake his newfound humility for throwing in the towel. Weis is a sharp guy. He understands that there is nothing to gain by making promises — it's time to show me.”

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For Weis, Clausen and co, the 2009 season is a chance to show what they are really capable of.  All Irish fans will not only be looking to Clausen and his teamates, but also to Weis and his coaching team, and two words might sum up what they are looking for: show us.