Portmarnock Golf Course, one of the most iconic golf courses in the Ireland, has won it case to prevent women from becoming full members.

The Supreme Court voted three to two in favor of the Dublin Golf Club, saying its policy was exempt of the equality legislation in the country, and upheld the ruling from the High Court in 2005 on the issue.

Portmarnock Golf Club successfully argued that it catered to the golfing needs of men, and this exemption is allowed under the Equal Status act.

Ladies can pay and play at the course but are not allowed to become full members, and the club can now continue its men-only membership rules.

"We feel that as a result of this judgment that the equality legislation has to be changed, because what it demonstrates is the weakness of the current equality legislation. It is a bad day for equality and it is a bad day for women," said Joanna McMinn of the Equality Rights Alliance after the Supreme Court Ruling.