Michael Floyd, the Notre Dame senior wide receiver, is starting to feel his age.

'I'm getting old, man,'he told ESPN as he walked out of Notre Dame's Guglielmo Athletics Complex this week.

Floyd has 31 catches for 397 yards this season - that's averaging nearly 13 yards per reception (his catches are just two behind national leader Robert Woods of USC).

But now Floyd says he is trying not to look too far ahead with nine games remaining.

'I think about it all the time, but it's early in the season and I think I can get better as the season goes on. Just gotta make sure I keep a level head and don't make mistakes, and improve on the things that I need to the most.'
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'We've moved him around a lot, as you know," Kelly 'told ESPN. 'He's been in virtually every position. His knowledge base of being able to pick up so many different positions has probably been, I would say, the biggest jump for him. I'm really, really impressed with his burst. He didn't have that burst last year. This year when he turns the corner, he's got a burst to him. So I think those are the two things that stand out.'

'I don't really learn from college football players,' Floyd added. 'I tend to watch NFL most because they're the kind of guys who made it to the highest level.

'But when I look at players from that level, I look at little guys. So I feel like you can get the most information from the little guys - quick feet, just being able to get off the ball.'

Notre Dame's Michael Floyd