Irish coach Brian Kelly has suspended junior receiver Michael Floyd Monday indefinitely after he was arrested for drunk driving.

"In light of what happened this past weekend, I let [Floyd] know that he has been suspended indefinitely from football team-related activities," Kelly said. "Football needs to take a backseat at the moment while Michael gets his life in order, and while I don't know when Michael will be reinstated, it will not happen until Michael demonstrates he has successfully modified his behavior and the legal and university disciplinary matters have run their respective courses."

Floyd was arrested by Notre Dame Security Police after running a stop sign. He failed three sobriety tests.

Floyd apologized for his actions.

"I want to apologize to my family, friends, teammates, coaches, the University and the extended Notre Dame family for my behavior this weekend," he said. "I absolutely recognize that I have many things to work on to become a better person and will need to regain the trust of all whom I have hurt within my immediate family and the Notre Dame family."

University spokesman Dennis Brown said Notre Dame was taking the matter seriously.

"It is well known that Notre Dame has high standards for student conduct, takes these matters seriously, follows the facts where they lead, and, when necessary, institutes appropriate sanctions at the appropriate time," Brown said.