The two young Notre Dame basketball stars who were arrested for underage drinking will be dealt with by “sweating it out” according to coach Mike Brey.

The experienced coach fielded calls from both players - Tim Abromaitis and Eric Atkins - concerning their arrests, but decided not to let the matter get in the way of his weekend retreat.

When asked by the media how he was intending to deal with the disciplinary issue, Brey said that he would let it be dealt with externally, saying that: It's handled downtown, it's handled by student affairs and then the old coach will handle it," he said, before adding that “We'll deal with it as it runs its course." The comments were made during a forty minute off-season press conference during which the coach set out his amibitons and hopes for the upcoming season.

The coach likened the young stars to his own children, saying that: "He's done a few knucklehead things in his life," Brey said of his son, "As a parent, you live and you learn and you treat them fair. Sometimes it's a kick in the pants and sometimes it's a hug and sometimes it's both."

The two are expected to face a court hearing at some stage in the near future.

The coach did, however, add that “a lot of sweating” would be involved in their recuperation plan ‘Brey-style’, saying that: "The one thing I'll say is a lot of sweating will be involved. What you look at is teaching moments for young people. I've had a few. We'll have that with these two guys."

Brey has been the head coach of the mens’ basketball team at the Irish university since 2000.