The NY Shamrock Soccer Club, New York's oldest Irish soccer club, will be running a race night fundraiser on the first Friday in November at the Courtyard Bar in Woodside.

The November 2 event is part of a renewed burst of activity at the club as the Shamrocks aim to regain their glory days in New York's Cosmopolitan Soccer League.

Last week, the Rocks launched a new website ( while a raft of new signings have re-energized the three teams which represent the 'Rocks in the CSL. As always, new players are welcome.

"There's a good feeling around the club at the moment," said club president Kevin McPartlin.

"There is a long tradition of soccer in Woodside and Sunnyside and the current committee is doing everything in its power to keep that alive. We've been in touch with a lot of former players and interest in the race night has been very positive."

For more information, contact the club at

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