Intermediate football

So close for Monaghan against a determined Long Island
Monaghan 1-08 Long Island Gaels 0-10

 Monaghan did just enough to get the victory over a determined Long Island side that pushed them all the way in the Intermediate quarter final. They now play Donegal in the semi next week while Kerry and Rangers face of in the other semifinal. The game was full of waves, LIG had the first two points but they were canceled out by a brilliant goal from James Connolly when he linked with Sean Munnelly. They followed with a point but then didn’t score for 17 minutes as Long Island added four to their total to sneak into the lead. With the half winding down it looked as if Monaghan had lost their way but they responded with 1-02 in those minutes to again grab the lead. They opened the second half with a further four points to put five between the sides but they did not score the rest of the way and had to live dangerously. Mark McKeown had two, while John McGrath and Darren Moore also tallied but time ran out on their recovery and Monaghan had survived but just. 

Monaghan 1 Robbie O’Neill 2 Brian Murray 3 Mikey O’Regan 4 Conor McKeown 5 Lonan McGuire (0-01)6 Bonnie Duffy 7 Mark McCoughey (0-01)8 Brendan Finn 9 Derek McKenna 10 Karl O’Connell (0-01) 11 Sean Munnelly 12 Caoimhin O’Callaghan 13 Kenneth Quirke 14 James Connolly (1-03)15 Dave Harvey (0-02)Subs Sean Carbin Shane McKenna

Long Island Gaels 1 Kevin Boyle 2 Michael O’Boyle 3 Donal McMullan 4 Pat Loughley 5 Donal McKenna 6 Ronan McGonigle 7 Garth Moore 8 Stephen O’Kane 9 Bonny O’Boyle 10 Kevin John McGrath (0-02) 11 Gary Moore 12 Paul McDaid (0-01)13 Mark McKeown (0-04)14 Ronan Carter 15 Darren Moore (0-03) Subs Richie O’Connor

Referee John Fitzpatrick

Senior Football

Leitrim are through
Leitrim 1-12 Cavan 1-08

The fourth spot in the semifinals of the NY championship is Leitrims after a four point victory in the last round of group games. While the game itself never reached the playoff intensity that is required normally, perhaps because Cavan were already through to semis, it was a contest that Leitrim were always ahead in or on level terms from the sixth minute on. At half time they had a two point lead 1-06 to 1-04 with the goal coming from Adrian O’Connor in the 28th minute when he took a Jamie Clarke pass and drilled the ball to the net. It cancelled out a brilliant individual goal from Eoghan Carew just moments earlier. They increased their advantage with three points to open the second half and were able to stay comfortable in front the rest of the way with a blanket defense never allowing Cavan the goal chance they badly needed.

Cavan1 Gavin Joyce 2 Ciaran Martin 3 Michael Higgins 4 Ronan McGinley 5 Paul Lamb 6 Mike Kennedy 7 Alan Carolan 8 Paddy McCullough (0-01)9 Rory O’Connor (0-01)10 Frankie Berry 11 Eric Bradley (2-01)12 Eoin Carew (0-02)13 JC Connelly (0-01)14 Graham Guilfoyle (0-03) 15 Ryan O’Hare (2-04) Subs Sean Munnelly, Alan Carolan, Barry McGinn Eoin Ward

Leitrim 1 Pa Ryan 2 Lonan McGuire 3 Brendan Donaghy 4 Mike Creegan 5 Shane Maher 6 Ciaran McKeever 7 Peter Fahey 8 Adrian O’Connor 9 Paddy Kelly 10 John Goldrick 11 David O’Gara 12 Rory Woods 13 Ciaran Tavey 14 Dan Doona 15 Jamie Clarke
Referee Brendan Moran

Man of the Match Ciaran McKeever (Leitrim)

Junior Hurling Final

Bronx goes Back to Back
Bronx 3-09 Hoboken 1-11

The Bronx took home their second junior title in a row with a trilling performance where keeper Eddie Hogan was outstanding and Sean Purcell got all the important scores up front. They were behind 0-06 to 1-00 after 20 minutes with their goal arriving in the second minute but responded with a closing salvo of 1-02 in the first half. After they extended their lead with a Purcell free, the game was score for score with both sides adding points leaving the game still in the balance at 2-06 to 0-11 with 14 minutes left. They were all Bronx as the side added 1-03 with Purcell again rattling the net to put distance between the sides at 3-08 to 0-11. Conor McInerney did have a consolation goal for Hoboken but they needed more and their main forward weapon Paul Loughnane was lost to injury in the first half.

Hoboken 1 Colm Reilly 2 Conor Costigan 4 Noel Gorman 5 James Egan 6 Shane O’Grady 7 PJ Delaney (0-03) 8 Darren Coffey 9 Pat Egan (0-03) 10 Adrian Purcell (0-05) 11 Paul Loughnane 12 Sean Wynne 13 Fintan Meehan 15 Kealim O’Hare Subs Conor McInerney (1-01)

Bronx 1 Eddie Hogan 2 Jamie Ward 4 Eoin McGarry 5 Davey Bolger 6 Ritchie Hartnett 7 Matt Schumacher 8 Willie Kellagher 9 Eoin Loughnane 10 Dave Slattery 11 Gary Donaghue 12Dave Loughnane (1-00) 13  Peter Hatzer 15 Sean Purcell (1-05) Subs Eamonn Gunn (1-00) Gary Nugent (0-01) Graham Caffrey (0-02)

Referee Dermot Flynn

Man of the Match Eddie Hogan (Bronx) 

Senior Football

Kerry Kruise to win
Kerry 0-16Tyrone 1-08

Kerry used a dominating second half performance to easily take the points with Padraig King leading the way with six points from play. They were behind at the break 1-04 to 0-04 with the goal a gift in the early minutes. They easily picked apart their opponents however thereafter as Tyrone lost a man to a second yellow and King and Sean Purcell fired over at will.

Tyrone 1 Damien Corrigan 2 Darren Jackson 3 Ger McCullough 4 Joe Bell (1-00)5 Naill McGuire 6 Aiden Power (0-01)7 Michael Gallagher 8 Conor McNabb 9 Naill Donnelly (0-01)10 Peader McMahon 11 Fiachra Breatneach 12 Alan Fitzgerald 13 Ciaran Campbell (0-01)14 Daniel Morgan 15 Naill Farrell (0-03) Subs Mickey Coleman (0-02)

Kerry 1 Shane Clifford 2 Kieran Scannell  3 Darren Courtney 4 James Huvane 5 Shane Coffey 6 Paul Kelly  7 John Curran 8 Robbie Moran 9 Paul McGill (0-01)10 Eoin Hogan (0-01)11 Ross Donovan (0-01)12 Dermie Foley 13 Padraig King (0-06)14 CJ Molloy (0-03) 15 Sean Purcell (0-04) 
Man of the Match Padraig King (Kerry)

Referee Sean Jones

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